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Sensuality Coaching

~ Infuse your life with pleasure & presence ~

~ Show up for & support your body in a way that feels fun & enjoyable. Even when life feels hard ~

~ Build trust & intimacy with your body ~

~ Slooooow the F Down so you can be here now. ~


What is Sensuality Coaching?

Sensuality is part of the holistic wellness equation that often gets omitted even though it affects everyone. It's a significant part of our relationship to ourselves, our bodies, and others. Our relationship with our sensuality should be nurturing, supportive, empowered and enjoyable. Sensuality coaching helps you rewrite/rewire the learned narratives, beliefs, and societal expectations that say otherwise.

I offer 1 on 1, Professional Coaching Sessions. The calls are virtual for your convenience, privacy, and accessibility.

On our calls we...
1.) Get clear on what you want to focus on.

2.) Establish safety and support.
3.) Connect mind-body through the 5 senses
4.) Address any barriers/limiting beliefs
5.) Rewrite and rewire barriers/limiting beliefs
6.) Practice customized exercises to sustain ongoing transformation.

​My work combines modern coaching, neurobiology, holistic stress management, breathwork, meditation, pleasure practices, visualization, sounding, movement, and energy work.

I’m here to support and empower you through the coaching process. You have the answers. I’m teaching you how to unlock it for yourself. 


Is Sensuality Coaching for you?

I believe that coaching needs to feel like a good fit for both of us. 


You're a good fit for coaching with me if...

You enjoy self-development work but feel intimidated or unsure of how to approach through working with your sensuality.

You love having sensory experiences & are curious as to how this can benefit your health, increase your sense of presence, and improve your relationship with yourself.

You want to feel more connected to your body... Maybe you feel a bit disconnected, blocked, or like something's missing from allowing you to feel confident in embracing your sensuality.  


Casey Erin Hall, Sensuality Coach

Casey has spent the past 12 years fine-tuning her passion for helping people improve their relationship with themselves. She began her career teaching nutrition and physical activity to children and adults with disabilities.  She then went on to teach wellness on a larger scale, focusing on disease management, weight loss, and holistic stress management. After coaching thousands of people, she recognized there was a missing piece to the holistic wellness equation. Through spending 2 years getting certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach, she realized that forming a healthy relationship with one’s sensuality was the missing piece. Healthy sensuality means being connected to our senses, to the messages our body is constantly giving us, and understanding how this connection plays a crucial role in our relationship to ourselves and others. Casey is now a full-time professional Sensuality Coach. She loves her work and knows that it's what she came here to do.


Casey Hall is so gifted. The session she facilitated allowed me to truly drop into my body and really feel. I was feeling so stuck and as if I was not being heard nor using my voice. Casey held a supportive safe space for me to share and from that sharing, she gently led me into a physical and visionary experience that allowed my throat to open and release what was bottled up inside. Truly a powerful and uplifting experience.

Carla Poluha

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