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If you're here, you're probably curious about exploring your sensuality. Maybe you aren't even sure what that word means...

I define HEALTHY sensuality as 'your ability to infuse joy, presence, & pleasure into your daily life.' Yes, this includes sex, but sex is only one small piece of the sensuality pie.

Having a healthy sensuality means being connected to our senses, to the messages our body is constantly giving us, and understanding how this connection plays a crucial role in our relationship with ourselves and others.

A lot of us learned our versions of sensuality from societal influences, many of which are unhealthy and toxic. I believe healthy sensuality, in its truest form, is a birthright. 

The Good News is you get to define Sensuality for YOURSELF. 

I did and my relationships, health, career, and ability to play and enjoy life up-leveled in ways I didn't even know existed.

First things first.

You are NOT Broken. There's nothing wrong with you. You are a whole being, who doesn't need to be fixed.  

Sensuality coaching is an opportunity to learn how to take your Sensual power back.

I do this by deeply listening to what it is you're wanting to express. I help you find clarity. I give you practical skills that if done regularly, can help rewire & unlearn what you DON'T want in your Sensual definition. Then replace it with

what you DO want. 

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 Sensuality Coaching Helps You

~ Re-define what HEALTHY Sensuality looks and feels like for YOU. Not what you learned or think it should look like

~ Take better care of your body from a place of real love, instead of obligation. 

~ Infuse more joy, pleasure & presence in your day to day life

~ Slooooow Down so you can be here now

~ Feel safe in your body

~ Feel confident during intimacy

~ Tap into the wisdom of your body to help guide you to the answers that only you know

I offer one-on-one, Professional Coaching Sessions. The calls are virtual for your convenience, privacy, and accessibility.

On our calls we...
1.) Get clear on what you want to focus on

2.) Establish trust and support
3.) Connect mind-body through the 5 senses
4.) Identify barriers that hold you back
5.) Create new solutions 
6.) Practice practical skills to make the solutions stick

​My work combines modern coaching, neurobiology, holistic stress management, 

breath-work, meditation, pleasure practices,

visualization, sounding, movement, and energy work.

I’m here to support and empower you through the coaching process.

* You have the answers.* 

I’ll teach you how to unlock them for yourself. 

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Casey Hall

Sensuality Coach

Casey has spent the past 12 years fine-tuning her passion for helping people improve their relationship with themselves. She began her career teaching nutrition and physical activity to children and adults with disabilities.  She then went on to teach wellness on a larger scale, focusing on disease management, weight loss, and holistic stress management. After coaching thousands of people, she recognized there was a missing piece to the holistic wellness equation. Through spending 2 years getting certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach, she realized that forming a healthy relationship with one’s sensuality was the missing piece. Healthy sensuality means being connected to our senses, to the messages our body is constantly giving us, and understanding how this connection plays a crucial role in our relationship to ourselves and others. Casey is now a full-time professional Sensuality Coach. She loves her work and knows that it's what she came here to do.

Certified Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach                                       

Certified Holistic Stress Management Facilitator

Masters of Science in Adapted Physical Activity

National Certification in Adapted Physical Education

Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education 

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Testimonial by Amy Meraki

Testimonial by Amy Meraki

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"Working with Casey helped me arrive back into my body in many ways, and become more aware of its messages. When I first reached out to her, I was coming off more than a year of repairing and reclaiming my body, after the physical and emotional demands of being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding. With Casey's guidance, I was able to fast forward the process of getting back to my body as my own and also work on repairing some emotional wounds that were impacting my body and sex life. The work with Casey got me to a place where I am now more connected with my senses and sensuality in all aspects, including enjoying sexual intimacy on a deeper level. My sessions with Casey also allowed me to more fully embrace and align the new elements of myself, the trio of me that is a mother, a partner, and a self. Casey's demeanor is very supportive and attentive, and with a gentle yet skilled guidance, she gets you where you want to go!"

Lauren A., Mamma, Wife, Operations & Event Specialist, Colorado

"Flirting has become a lot more accessible and seems more doable and enjoyable than before because the coaching helped me to own my unique approach to it. The very practical exercise of slowing down, breathing, and reminding myself of my awesomeness will be a lifelong help to approach the women I fancy."

Adrian R., Network Weaver, Amsterdam

"Years of therapy hadn't helped me feel safe in the way that Casey has shown me."

J. Lauren, Wife, Mamma, Minnesota

"Casey Hall is so gifted. The session she facilitated allowed me to truly drop into my body and really feel. I was feeling so stuck and as if I was not being heard nor using my voice. Casey held a supportive safe space for me to share and from that sharing, she gently led me into a physical and visionary experience that allowed my throat to open and release what was bottled up inside. Truly a powerful and uplifting experience."

Carla Poluha, Reflexologist, Mamma, Pennsylvania

"Having never done this kind of coaching or deep subconscious work before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Overall, I learned a lot about myself I don’t think I would have without Casey’s guidance, expertise and understanding nature and the safe space she provided. Her great energy alone helped me look forward to our sessions. The thing that amazed me most was how much we can learn about ourselves and our mind on such a deep level if we have the proper guidance and space. We just have to learn how to listen. I probably would have been skeptical going into this process several years ago, but the more self-work I do, the more open-minded I become to truly understanding that the mind-body connection is magical especially when you have someone knowledgeable, like Casey, to help get you there. Hope to continue my self-development journey!"

Sarah Ramsey, Wife, Mamma, Pennsylvania

"Suffering from bipolar depression most of my life left me feeling like my body was an unsafe space. Working with Casey helped me to not only view myself as an ally, but it also helped me to see myself as a friend and support. Casey has the most soothing supportive voice and her very nature is an example of how she is with herself, which is an inspiration I couldn't help but be drawn towards. She got me up and moving when I lacked the will to even get myself a glass of water. Years of therapy hadn't helped me feel safe in the way that she has shown me.  I am forever grateful and blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to work with Casey."

Michelle B., Massage Therapist, Mamma, Pennsylvania

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